Dusk - A New York Skyline Oil on Canvas 44 x 74 cm Sold

The Long Way Down, San Francisco Watercolour 69 x 99 cm

Museu Nacional d'Art de Catalunya, Barcelona Oil on Canvas 56 x 94 cm On Loan

End of the Voyage, Bristol Watercolour 86 x 85 cm

Staying in the Shade, Corfu Oil on Canvas board 49 x 58 cm

Swimming with the Seal, St. Ives Oil on Canvas 41 x 51 cm



Three Rowing Boats, St. Ives Watercolour 57 x 70 cm

The Last Ferry, Istanbul Oil on Canvas 58 x 73 cm

While the Tide's Out, Newquay Oil 35 x 45cm

Still Life with Three Flowers Oil on Board 52 x 52cm framed 40 x 40cm unframed

Edinburgh Oil on Canvas 60 x 84 cm SOLD

Enjoying the Sun, Brittany Oil on Board 32 x 57 cm



Sandcastles in Brittany Oil 40 x 70cm On Loan

Semur-en-Auxois, Burgundy Watercolour 72 x 93 cm On Loan

The Quiet Harbour, st. Tropez Watercolour SOLD

A Restful Moment, St. Tropez Oil on Canvas 50 x 67 cm

On the Solent, Isle of Wight Watercolour 35 x 50 cm

Cowes Week, Isle of Wight Oil on Canvas 63 x 83 cm

Tide's Out, Folkestone Harbour Oil 54 x 94cm

High and Dry - Folkestone Harbour Oil on Canvas 56 x 70cm

The Proud Ferry, Istanbul Oil on Board 43 x 68 cm

Ponte dell'Accademia - The View, Venice Oil on Board 54 x 66 cm

The Grand Canal - Gondolas, Venice Oil on Canvas 62 x 52 cm SOLD

On the Grand Canal, Venice Oil on Canvas 49 x 69 cm

The Stone Face - Canal, Venice Watercolour 51 x 67 cm SOLD

Vaporetto to Murano, Venice Oil on Board SOLD

San Grigorio Evening, Venice Oil 49 x 69cm

Quiet Canal, Venice Oil on Board 70 x 60cm

Orvieto Morning, Italy Oil on Canvas 75 x 104 cm

In the Sultry Heat of Arezzo, Italy Oil on Board 44 x 74 cm

A New Day, Sicily Oil on Board 47 x 79 cm

Florence Panorama Oil 47 x 47cm

A Beach on the South Bank, London Oil on Canvas board 56 x 87 cm

The Evening Ferry, Greenwich Oil on Canvas



Autumn, Victoria Embankment, London Oil on Canvas 55 x 71 cm

After the Rain - Trafalgar Square Oil 52 x 82cm



Icons, London Watercolour 63 x 83 cm

Lovely Weather for Ducks, London Oil on Canvas SOLD



Raining Cats and Dogs Oil 62 x 77cm

Old and The New Oil 36 x 60cm

Liquid Lunch at The Red Lion, Whitehall Oil on Canvas 48 x 78 cm

Tattershall Castle, London Oil on Canvas board 52 x 52 cm Sold

Tranquil Harbour, Malta Oil on Canvas 64 x 79 cm

Out of the Water - Essaouira, Morocco Watercolour SOLD

Resting Camel, Essaouira Oil 52 x 72cm

The Fish Merchants, Essaouira, Morocco Oil on Canvas board 5 x 51 cm

Charles Bridge - Morning, Prague Oil on Canvas

Spice Island, Portsmouth Watercolour 90 x 72 cm

Yachting on the Neva, St Petersburg Oil 70 x 70cm SOLD

Racing on the Neva, St. Petersburg Watercolour 72 x 93 cm

Street Scene - St Petersburg Oil 28 x 48cm

On the Promenade, Brighton Oil on Canvas 62 x 78 cm SOLD

Getting Ready to Sail, Brighton Marina Oil on Canvas 48 x 38 cm

The Pier, Eastbourne Private Commission

Eastbourne Pier Watercolour 51 x 61 cm

The Old Barn and the Melting Snow, South Downs Watercolour 51 x 65 cm

Sydney - Late Morning Panorama Oil on Canvas 43 x 73 cm SOLD

Sydney - Nocturne Oil on Canvas 43 X 73cm

Sydney Harbour Bridge and Manley Ferry Oil 49 x 70cm

Storm Brewing? Sydney Harbour Oil on Canvas 39 x 70cm SOLD

Hong Kong Harbour Oil 53 x 64cm

Fetch! Hammersmith Oil 53 x 72cm

Tales of the Alhambra Oil 41 x 61cm

Looking for Elephants, Amber Fort, Rajasthan Oil 41 x 66cm

Yamuna River and Taj Mahal - Shah Jahan's View Oil 46 x 70cm